Salad… We Don’t Just Cook with Fire…

Posted by Tammy Weaver on 3/23/2020

At we are all about FOOD! I mean you kinda need it to get through. Food brings our family together and we love different flavors, textures, and colors. 

PIZZA! Get your PIZZA!

Posted by Tammy Weaver on 3/18/2020
PIZZA! Get your PIZZA!

We Visited the Biggest BBQ Showroom Around and Boy Was It GOOD! (Spelled GOOOOOOOOOD!!!!!!!!)

Posted by Biggie Tongs on 3/1/2017

Every year Mrs. Tongs and I visit what would be considered the Holy Grail of the outdoor kitchen and barbecue, the “It's all shows here" show of the year, the HPBExpo, aka, the Hearth, Patio and Barbecue Expo! This year it was held in Atlanta, GA.

This is a must do annual pilgrimage for the Tong's family and for good reasons. We attend the HPBExpo to learn, see, touch, smell and best of all, taste. That's right, taste good ole BBQ cooked on grills, Kamados, pizza ovens, and much much more, (even 55 gallon drums converted to grills, no kidding).

Some of the best manufacturers and distributors of the BBQ Industry come out under one roof to show off their wares and in many cases earn bragging rights as they are offering some of the best BBQ tools and accessories in the world.

So let’s get started!

Looking Towards the Future

Posted by Biggie Tongs on 1/25/2017
Take a close look, this is the future, welcome William!!!!!

Welcome to our future lean, mean, BBQ machine. Welcome to the future!!!!

OK, I really am not sure what the future has to bring (who does), but if DNA has any role in the future, then you are looking at the future Chill With The Grill Grill Master.

Easter Egg Omelets Pizza Oven Style!

Posted by Biggie Tongs on 3/26/2016
Easter Egg Omelets Pizza Oven Style!
It is that time of year when eggs are the rage. Easter eggs are decorated in so many different ways that it boggles the imagination. So what ever your decorating style, have fun with your family and friends decorating Easter eggs.

I on the other hand will be firing up the outdoor pizza ovens, whipping up some omelet egg batter and making for the family some awesome omelets. Nothing hard boiled about these babies, just straight up, fluffy, thick, melt in your mouth, delicious pizza oven omelets. Yes, wood, fire, oven, eggs, yum!

Yo, while you are at the store can you pick up some wood?

Posted by Biggie Tongs on 3/5/2016
Yo, while you are at the store can you pick up some wood?
WOW, did I just ask Mrs. Tongs to pick up some firewood at the local super market. You bet I did and here is why... da stuff is works wicked good, I mean on a scale of 1 to 10, pre bagged firewood scores an 11 plus. And by the way, I can buy this firewood at all the big box stores.

Some More Great Sliders, Turkey Style

Posted by Biggie Tongs on 2/1/2016
Some More Great Sliders, Turkey Style
Real simple recipe, real simple cooking, low fat and not so simple flavor. Welcome to some good old turkey sliders, Biggie Tongs style.

Every now and then we hear that not so familiar word around the back yard barbecue, turkey. I know, some of us who can bake a turkey in a outdoor oven all swear that ours is one of the best roasted turkeys ever tasted. I have to say that in many cases this is true, at least mine are. Baking in an outdoor oven with different hardwoods gives a whole new dimension to the complex flavor profiles (I heard that on Top Chefs last night). Even so what ever happen to the idea of turkey burgers or better yet, my favorite, sliders?

The Biggie Tongs Coat of Arms

Posted by Biggie Tongs on 1/16/2016
The Biggie Tongs Coat of Arms
It is funny how you can go through life, day by day and things, you know many small little life events are taken for granted. But you know what, they all add up. As we travel from day to day, we all strive to move forward. While it may seem like small steps as we travel, from someone who is watching from the outside, this traveled journey seems to be a clear, planned path towards a goal.

WOW, did that just come from Biggie Tongs, the self proclaimed culinary artist of the outdoor grill?

Italian Sliders American Style

Posted by Biggie Tongs on 1/10/2016
Italian Sliders American Style
OK, what exactly is a good ole Italian sliders and how did coming to America give it a style? We first need to start from the beginning (always a good place to start). Number One, I am pretty sure that there really is no such thing as an “Italian Slider” at least not at the time of writing this blog. Second, if such of a concept as an Italian Slider even existed, how did it get to America? How did it get it’s “American Style?”

So Biggie Tongs, what’s da story?

Burgers verus Blogs, Google will be the judge!

Posted by Biggie Tongs on 1/2/2016
Burgers verus Blogs, Google will be the judge!
Welcome 2016!!! I love Google but can Google cook? I know that Google can judge a blog, give it a ranking. Google is certainly experts in their field but can Google rank a burger, that is the question I am asking today.

Deviled Egg Burritos, Are You Crazy Biggie?

Posted by Biggie Tongs on 4/6/2015

Well, its the day after Easter and most of us have one big thing in common, extra hard boiled eggs in the refrigerator. Really, I know what you are all thinking, another round of deviled eggs is coming our way. Don’t get me wrong, they’re good but so predictable. So what can you do different this year with those tons of left over eggs? How about Burritos? Biggie is not so crazy, let me tell you why.

The Mother Earth Dog!

Posted by Biggie Tongs on 3/31/2015

Every now and again I get some email questions. Some how many of you think I am a source of information, a place for all the right answers, well, shame on you. Really, you think someone named “Biggie Tongs” knows best? Well, as a matter of fact, sometimes I do have the right answer, or at least sort of rightish, so here goes.

BBQ Bees, Really?

Posted by Biggie Tongs on 3/24/2015

OK, spring has sprung and last week I suggested to start your grills. On your mark, get set, grill. And if you recall, I mentioned and I quote, “Make sure you clear out all of the wild life and insect community that may call your grill their home.”

So speaking from the heart and the sting I am going to take a different approach to this weeks blog. First, I am speaking from experience, stinging experience.

On Your Mark, Get Set, Grill!!

Posted by Biggie Tongs on 3/20/2015

Yes, it is that time of year for those of us who live north of the equator, it’s spring. Great news, the days are getting longer and we can spend more time in the back yard, time with family, friends and you know it, the grill! Yes, it is barbecue time so fire up the grill and bring on the meat.

Who the Heck Cooks on a Mousetrap?

Posted by Biggie & Minnie Tongs on 3/12/2015

Most of us have heard the famous saying, “Build a better mousetrap, and the world will beat a path to your door.” Well, in our case the better mousetrap is a new outdoor oven. The reference beat a path to your door just happens to be through our backdoor, straight to our outdoor kitchen. That’s right, sitting in the middle of our outdoor kitchen is what I would consider the find of the century, the next best thing since sliced bread, it is the better mousetrap designed and manufactured by the New American Oven.

One of the Best Pizza Ovens I Have Seen!

Posted by Biggie Tongs on 3/1/2015

We now have what we consider one of the best, new designed pizza ovens on the market today. Just as a point of reference I am speaking of the newest pizza oven to hit the market and your backyard from New American Ovens.

Slawsa, is WOWSA!

Posted by Biggie Tongs on 11/18/2013
Watching the TV program Shark Tank last Friday I found my next culinary challenge. And the code name for the challenge in one, six letter word: Slawsa.

Yes, that's right, Slawsa, and what a pleasure I had with this challenge.


Posted by E.J. Schultz on 5/10/2013

Oscar Mayer Fires Up Bacon Wieners in Battle for Top Dog Kraft Foods Group Brand Looks to Seize on Sizzling Bacon Trend as It Takes on No.1 Ball Park

You don’t have to be cooking to enjoy your outdoor living!

Posted by Minnie Tongs on 4/30/2013
Minnie Tongs here... to say that even though Biggie and I love to “Chill with the Grill”, you don’t have to be cooking to enjoy your outdoor living. “Say it’s not so” says Biggie.” You will be pleasantly surprised”I promised him.

The Most Amazing Pizza Party ... EVER!

Posted by Biggie Tongs on 4/22/2013
I have had pizza from all over the country, north, south, east and west. From pizzerias, restaurants and homemade right in the kitchen.  Thick crust, thin crust, baked, fried, plain pizza with just cheese to loaded with everything but the kitchen sink. I love pizza! I have a PhD in the flying Frisbee of edible delight. So what can become a life changing experience in my Pizza Lover's World? Creating my own pizza at an Outdoor Pizza Party!

L to R Pizzas: Pear Gorgonzola, BBQ Chicken & Pineapples, Sausage Peppers & Onions.

Ketchup on a Hot Dog? Stop the Madness

Posted by Biggie Tongs on 3/27/2013
Most of us wake up in the morning, ready to face the day, make breakfast, get ready for work, you know the routine. And many of us have to face some really tough questions during the day, questions that are asked as often as kids asking, "Are we there yet?"

The question that haunts me at every cookout by many guests is, "Is it OK to put ketchup o a Hot Dog?"

Wood Fired Ovens WOW

Posted by Biggie Tongs on 3/21/2013
Are you kidding me, I died and went to heaven last weekend. By died I mean I was super excited and being in heaven I mean attending the 2013 Hearth, Patio, and Barbecue Expo (HPBE). I went, I shopped, I bought!!! Hello flavor, my oven is home.

Grill In The Chill: Hot Tips For Cold Weather BBQ

Posted by Biggie Tongs on 2/15/2013
DETROIT (WWJ) - While the weather may be frigid, hearty grillers will still brave brutal temps to brush the snow off the BBQ and turn up the heat for their favorite grilled meats.


Are You Kidding Me, The Best BBQ Ever!!!!

Posted by Biggie Tongs on 1/6/2013
OK, sure I am employed by the Devon Chase & Company family. They wanted someone to representative the "" product line, and my name is Biggie Tong s(not really, Biggie is just a character).

Grilling Is As Fun In Winter As It Is In Summer

Posted by Biggie Tongs on 12/27/2012
We’re a long way from summer, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy some of the high points of that season.

Scott Drawbaugh, director of merchandising for the lawn-and-garden division at Westlake Ace Hardware, said there’s no reason to retire the grill until May, citing a Hearth, Patio and Barbecue Association survey that found 56 percent of households grill in the winter.

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